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My ultimate bias and role model is Brown Eyed Girls' Jea.
This blog will mainly contain anything related to my favourite female KPop/JPop artists. I'd include male artists, but I'm not really a fan of any lol
Some anime might show up on here too, mainly Sailor Moon because it was part of my childhood.

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So Nega signed Huh Ji Won to their company……….

So I saw a clip of her singing and let’s just say she ain’t good. I’ve heard worse but still. Yoon Il Sang is a good man so hopefully he can do some extreme work with her. It’s just weird they signed her considering all their artists can sing. They…

u still have the link? i wanna hear

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    Agreed. Like you said she’s still young so hopefully her voice can grow and mature. Some vocal training might help.
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    hmmmm yea i kinda agree with you but who knows she’s still 12. she has a lot of time to develop her voice and improve....